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40, 쌍둥이자리, usa, looney town
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성적 취향이성애자
신장5'10" - 6" [175센티미터 - 185센티미터]
무게140 - 160 파운드 [60 - 70 킬로그램]
looney town
음모털 면도함
가슴큰 사이즈
나를 흥분 시키는 것
turning you on and doing the touching the way i like it..not you directing me
내 소개
im new and hot and dripping wet for you to watch my play time
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
assholes that dont appreciate this gift that is given for those that love what they see. d-bags turn me off faster than fast

캠으로 우리가 하는 것

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화요일 휴무
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목요일 휴무
금요일 오후 10:00 – 오전 2:00
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일요일 오후 4:00 – 오후 9:00

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yummy yum YUM
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You are the hottest gal on here!! 🍸cheers to you! 💋💗👑❤💚💛💜💝💖❣
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really sexy
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thank you and you are a true to self sexy gal...not any Fake bs with you at all...i love the genuine and raw feeling i get from you!!!smooch! xxoo XOXOXXX
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She is simply awesome!! My favorite!
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hello sweet add to friends
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gorgeous lady
I'm glad I met you
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A pleasure and delight to talk with and admire. Real and honest. A wonderful lady.
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Hey beautiful
17. 7. 11.
A beautiful and classy lady. Thank you for being here.` Keep being awesome!