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30, 천칭, Germany, Hamburg
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성적 취향이성애자
신장5'7" - 5'9" [170센티미터 - 175센티미터]
무게160 - 180 파운드 [70 - 80 킬로그램]
언어독일어, 영어
음모털 면도함
가슴매우 큰
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I like when the man is the leader as much as when i am the boss :)
Love it to tease you until you cant hold it back.
I really like doggystyle and sucking ...
but..if the man is submissive its cool too..my passion is giving kinky instructions or play with your mind to make you crazy :)
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My name is Tamara. Im a 30 year old porn and social media star from germany
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I dont like men with no decency and disrespect . People that come in my chat and say : show pussy without an hi ..

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월요일 오후 3:00 – 오후 10:00
화요일 오후 3:00 – 오후 10:00
수요일 휴무
목요일 오후 2:00 – 오후 10:00
금요일 오후 12:00 – 오후 8:00
토요일 오전 10:00 – 오후 3:00
일요일 오전 9:00 – 오후 8:00

It´s WEEKEND ! Lets get dirty :-P

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댓글 (26)
19. 3. 8.
My dear, fragile and tender, I congratulate you on International Women's Day! I never get tired of admiring you every day! You are the embodiment of femininity, grace and gentleness! Thank you, dear, for your women's care and the joy that you bring into my life!
19. 2. 18.
I love your clear eyes,
emitting warm light
these hands are strong, gentle,
and there are no other such ones!
Tell me I'm beautiful
did you make me like that
I want to be kind, gentle,
because you are next to me.
You are my love, an unexpected miracle,
the light in the window, the warmth of the soul.
How beautiful are the minutes with you
but they run so fast!
I'm sorry for the grievances of random
or my stupid jealousy,
for words that were not said
I just love you very much.
19. 2. 14.
Я люблю глаза твои ясные,
излучающие теплый свет,
эти руки- сильные, нежные,
и других таких больше нет!
Говоришь мне, что я красивая-
это ты меня сделал такой.
Я хочу быть добрее, ласковей,
потому что ты рядом со мной.
Ты любовь моя, чудо нежданное,
свет в окошке, тепло души.
Как прекрасны минуты с тобою,
но так быстро бегут они!
Ты прости за обиды случайные
или глупую ревность мою,
за слова, что не были сказаны,
просто очень тебя я люблю.
18. 12. 6.
Imádlak Édes
18. 11. 26.
Поцелую тебя в самых нежных местах Глядя на твое напряженное тело. Языком поиграю вот так и вот так Если ты меня вдруг захотела. А когда ты, раскинувшись, скажешь-«Войди!» Оторваться почти невозможно. Я губами коснусь твоей теплой груди, И проникну в тебя...
18. 10. 14.
♥Kiss♥...........♥Kiss♥ TamaraMilano
18. 10. 9.
A beautiful woman is a gift from the gods, a Beautiful woman is the envy of the enemies. Beautiful lady-prestige and success, Beautiful as an angel for the devil's sin. Different epithets are not considered, not taken into account, And a lot of truth in them, and something of flattery, But before of the passion of my sink, Try her soul to look...
18. 7. 6.
good fucker
18. 7. 1.
Красивая девушка
18. 5. 13.
Imádlak Tamara!!!!
NEW YEAR ! Cant wait to see you in my cam, Baby !